When Models come to me with outfits that their Mom and Nan have designed and made , and it’s based on ‘The Greatest Showman’ how can i refuse haha…

I think you’d have to agree that Charlie is a stunning and very versatile model.  This was the second time i’d photographed Charlie this year and we have another shoot planned. Some of her images have got me awards at various photography competitions already this year. She’s a very keen photographer herself, in fact she’s a very talented 14 year old. She’s about to launch her very first line of clothing in July.  Her clothing line called ‘Missing Pieces‘ will be showcased at ‘The Society Fashion Week’ in America. I sense big things for this girl, she has so much determination and drive.

I seriously couldn’t wish for better people to work with.  I am inspired everyday <3

Here are the results of our ‘Greatest Showman’ inspired session with Charlie Matthews

Mua-Marra Entezary