Teen Portraits


The teenage years are hard both for parents and for teenagers themselves. Their bodies go through so many changes causing hormonal rages, moods , upset , physical body changes and not forgetting the most crucial time of their schooling lives.. their exams, coursework and college.


This age group we don’t photograph as much basically because it’s emotionally challenging , usually ending in upset and disappointment.  But teenage years are also a big milestone into adult life . One of those milestones that need to be photographed.

I am myself a mother of teens so i totally get how it is and how hard it is.

My daughters will happily do snapchat and put bunny ears on their head, yet I ask them to have their pics took by me and they hide from the camera or they pick and say ”no , it makes me look fat” or ”you can see my spots”

So i have been thinking about this and noting the things my kids like and don’t like.  Kids like to look cool and grown up, they don’t want to wear Sunday best dresses and sit and SMILE for the camera.

Taking everything into consideration i did a test shoot for my 13 year old daughter, letting her tell me what she wants to wear and how she wants to look, while gently guiding her. Letting her be herself , that cool, trendy , GROWN UP who has so much life ahead of her


I love photographing these ages personally !


Why not book your teen a cool stylish session , you get shots of your child or should i say Teenager/Young Adult during that big milestone without bunny ears on their head or fake big eyes and they get to be themselves and have fun .


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