A few weeks back I photographed 16 year old Ellie-Rose.

Ellie comes to see me a few times a year and it is always a pleasure . We got various looks including a 70s style , fashion and headshots.

Choosing my favourite shots is hard as I have so many, so I’m glad I am not her mom or my house would be covered with her photos everywhere.


Teen Photo sessions are so much fun!

Here are some of my favourite shots

Isabella Signs

Recently I had the pleasure of working with teenage sensation Isabella from Isabella Signs.

15 year old Isabella taught herself sign language to help communicate with her two brothers, Lucus  who was born with Down Syndrome and Alexander who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Isabella set up the ‘Isabella Signs’ platform on social media back in 2017 when she was just 11 years old. She has come on leaps and bounds over the years, winning awards and appearing on TV.  She is an inspiration to people all around the world with thousands of followers on her social media.

She loves to model in her spare time . I first met Isabella back in 2019 when she took part in a group shoot I was holding.

I approached her in 2020 about doing a shoot but due to Covid we weren’t able to book anything in until recently.

The images represent an inspirational , confident and caring teenager. The styling itself was loosely based on music videos by Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. Both whom I listen to and am inspired by but also who Isabella loves too .  My style of imaging for the youth of today is mostly based on colour and fashion trends. I like to keep my imagery fun and youthful and Isabella certainly fit the part perfectly. Along with my talented make up artist Marra who finished off the look with her skills, I am so pleased with the results and I hope you are too.

Thankyou so much Isabella , it was a pleasure working with such an inspirational individual.

To read more about Isabella you can check out her website


or find her on social media including TikTok and Instagram.


Make-Up Marra Entezary

Suit & hat from www.prettylittlething.com

White jumpsuit by www.asos.com

Shoes www.converse.com

Mini Portrait Sessions

This summer i shall be offering my Portrait Sessions as mini’s.

Ideal for teens, children, models and talent alike.

You just come along with your own outfits, styling can be discussed after booking if you’re unsure what will look best.

One main backdrop and either choose another or we go outside the studio and use the brick walls and studio walls as a backdrop


5 digital images come with your session with the option to buy extras at just £20 per digital after.  (no obligation to purchase )


Little ideas to get the most out of your session are-

bringing accessories like hats, scarves, a jacket, glasses, jewelry.

Choosing high fashion clothes, modern, funky, missmatch outfits always work well

bringing a little attitude and sass works wonders too


these sessions are ideal for the summer hols and are super fun

to book please message me at

teresa@teresagregoryphotography.co.uk or fill in the contact form on my website


Teen Portraits

Teen Portraits


The teenage years are hard both for parents and for teenagers themselves. Their bodies go through so many changes causing hormonal rages, moods , upset , physical body changes and not forgetting the most crucial time of their schooling lives.. their exams, coursework and college.


This age group we don’t photograph as much basically because it’s emotionally challenging , usually ending in upset and disappointment.  But teenage years are also a big milestone into adult life . One of those milestones that need to be photographed.

I am myself a mother of teens so i totally get how it is and how hard it is.

My daughters will happily do snapchat and put bunny ears on their head, yet I ask them to have their pics took by me and they hide from the camera or they pick and say ”no , it makes me look fat” or ”you can see my spots”

So i have been thinking about this and noting the things my kids like and don’t like.  Kids like to look cool and grown up, they don’t want to wear Sunday best dresses and sit and SMILE for the camera.

Taking everything into consideration i did a test shoot for my 13 year old daughter, letting her tell me what she wants to wear and how she wants to look, while gently guiding her. Letting her be herself , that cool, trendy , GROWN UP who has so much life ahead of her


I love photographing these ages personally !


Why not book your teen a cool stylish session , you get shots of your child or should i say Teenager/Young Adult during that big milestone without bunny ears on their head or fake big eyes and they get to be themselves and have fun .


Email me at teresa@teresagregoryphotography.co.uk or use the contact form to inquire



Faith's journey with Rasmussen Encephalitis

Being a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter myself I know how important family is. Family is everything, it’s the reason we wake up , the reason we work so hard and the reason we smile.

Every family is different , we all lead different lives ,  and we do things differently to the next family. Some families have very little materialistic things, others have lots but there is one thing all families have in common and that’s LOVE, the ability to love and be loved .

I have photographed lots of families on my photography journey and each one are unique. I care a lot about the families I photograph, especially when there are children .

The family I am about to tell you about I met through a lovely lady called Kelly, when she brought them a family photo session back in 2017.  So this was the first time I met Rich and his three girls. His girls Ellie, and twins Hope and Faith loved my dressing up collection, like any other girls they were in their element in the studio. safe to say we got lots of smiles during their session.

Such a lovely little family

So forward to February this year (2019) and Rich contacted me about booking a family session again for himself and his girls. This session wasn’t about dressing up although the girls would’ve loved that. This session was to be about the closeness and bond of this father and his little treasures Ellie, Hope and Faith.

The reason behind this is that they are going through so much at the moment, so much life changes to become.. so here is Faith’s story


Faith is a 6 year old twin. She started having seizures around 4 years ago. She could have up to around 7 seizures on a bad night and 2-3 other nights. She is  now being diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis.

Rasmussen Encephalitis (RE) is a rare, progressive, chronic encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) affecting one hemisphere (one side) of the brain. It occurs mainly in children (most cases are seen in six to seven-years-old children) but it can also be found in adolescents and adults. It has features of an autoimmune disease in which immune system cells enter the brain and cause damage.

RE is characterized by frequent and severe seizures, progressive loss of neurological functions including motor skills, speech, and eventual paralysis on one side of the body (hemiparesis), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), and mental deterioration.

You can read more about this condition here https://www.encephalitis.info/rasmussens-encephalitis


At the end of this Summer (2019) Faith will have to undergo a surgery procedure called ‘Hemispherectomy’

Hemispherectomy is the removal of one half of the brain that can reduce or prevent  seizures.

The side effects from this procedure are irreversible loss of functions located in the affected hemisphere. Walking with a limp, losing sight in her eye, losing control basically of the one side of her body. Her speech may be affected and of course there are always other risks involved with any surgery.


As you can imagine this family are going through a tough time in their life!

We try and protect our children from everything that’s horrible but sometimes we just can’t and we have to just be there for them and love them.


So as you imagine this was a hard session but also very lovely to see the bond this family have!


Here are some of our shots from the session <3

The Guild of Photographers Qualified Member

As you may be aware , I am a member of The Guild Of Photographers. An amazing photography association committed to the art of photography!

I joined back in 2016 . The end of 2016 saw me with my first Bronze award for a shot of my daughter. I was beyond ecstatic. then 2017 i received my first Silver award, another shot of my daughter. This same image was then nominated for image of the year that year. Last year 2018 i received various awards every month .

I love the monthly competitions, it helps me grow in my own personal development and also my business.


Before Christmas i decided to put in for my qualification with The Guild. .. My Q Panel

It has taken me a couple of months to put it together but today i had the email that i had successfully passed.. yayyyyy!

Very happy and proud

Couldn’t of done it without all the amazing clients and models i meet along my journey

Now i get to start planning on my next level … my Craftsman.. cant wait to start


Here are my 21 images that made up my Q Panel

The Guild of Photographers awards 2018

The Guild of Photographers award night 02/02/2019

The Photographers Bar (people category)

Top 20 Photographer of the Year 2018  (12th place)




press release

Mother & child Sessions

Sunday 31st March will be Mothers Day. Firstly i know what you’re thinking ..”how is it almost March already” Time flies when you’re having fun as they say..

So i was thinking what would be a great gift for mothers day .. A beautifully styled mother and child session of course. Images you don’t get done very often. styled so all the colors and tones blend well! PERFECT


So this year i am offering this beautiful session at a great price including products to treasure


The first package includes 3 beautiful 10×8″ mounted prints and the matching digital files at an amazing price of £120

the second package is perfect if you’d like an image to put straight up on the wall. This includes 5 digital files and a 16×12″ canvas for £199 . Saving over £150 on regular prices.

My ultimate package includes 5 digital files and matching 7×5″ prints and a larger 20×16″ Canvas for £265


All packages include the styled session at no extra cost

Make up is available from the amazing Hollie Fellows for an additional £20 or for both hair and make up it’s £30.

outfits can be discussed

These sessions are available during March 2019 or can be brought as gift vouchers (session to be taken within a year)

I also have two exclusive Sunday dates just for Mothers day sessions which are March 10th and 17th.


if you would like to book a special Mother and Child session please get in touch through the contact form or my email is teresa@teresagregoryphotography.co.uk


i am looking forward to meeting lots of beautiful mammas and their prides of joy <3

Ellie 'The Pierrot Clown'

Last month i got to shoot with an amazing teen model Ellie Corcoran , who I’ve worked with on a few projects this year.  She never fails to amaze me, always puts 110% into her work.

I worked on the ‘Pierrot’ theme earlier in the year and loved the results but this time i wanted a different look.

With the help of Marra Entezary we worked together to create my vision.

Even better i gained 5 silvers and 3 Bronze awards from The Guild of Photographers in the November monthly competition.

Love these creative photo sessions and love it when a vision comes to life !



2018 Xmas Mini Sessions

Xmas Mini Sessions


My xmas mini sessions are well under way here in the studio..

lots of children, snow, glitter ..although it’s photoshopped glitter but saves the mess hehe!  Lots of Festive Fun


I still have some spaces left for xmas mini’s on weekdays . these are priced at £70 including 5 digital images and a complimentary snowglobe video

There are other options to purchase extra digital files and/or products if you wish too.

Here are a few images of my festive fun shoots…