I had a lovely shoot with teen model Ellie Corcoran back in March. She came all the way from Anglesey with her mom on a day when we had a big snowfall. To say it was cold was an understatement. Anyway the first thing i noticed about Ellie was her striking blue eyes. They say the eyes are a window into the soul and you know , i think they’re right!  Ellie has such a lovely soul. She was happy with my recommendations and wasn’t worried about the cold one bit. Although i had a heater going and we were wrapping Ellie in blankets in between shots she was such a great sport.

The peach dress she brought herself and was such a lovely colour for her skin and went well with the backdrop we used . In fact she rocked all the outfits . She was a dream to work with.

Safe to say Ellie and her mom were pleased with the results as were I and one of her images also got me a Gold award with thesocieties . My first Gold with this society. I was over the moon.

I do love my job.

I get to meet and work with such beautiful people , beautiful inside and out.