Being a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter myself I know how important family is. Family is everything, it’s the reason we wake up , the reason we work so hard and the reason we smile.

Every family is different , we all lead different lives ,  and we do things differently to the next family. Some families have very little materialistic things, others have lots but there is one thing all families have in common and that’s LOVE, the ability to love and be loved .

I have photographed lots of families on my photography journey and each one are unique. I care a lot about the families I photograph, especially when there are children .

The family I am about to tell you about I met through a lovely lady called Kelly, when she brought them a family photo session back in 2017.  So this was the first time I met Rich and his three girls. His girls Ellie, and twins Hope and Faith loved my dressing up collection, like any other girls they were in their element in the studio. safe to say we got lots of smiles during their session.

Such a lovely little family

So forward to February this year (2019) and Rich contacted me about booking a family session again for himself and his girls. This session wasn’t about dressing up although the girls would’ve loved that. This session was to be about the closeness and bond of this father and his little treasures Ellie, Hope and Faith.

The reason behind this is that they are going through so much at the moment, so much life changes to become.. so here is Faith’s story


Faith is a 6 year old twin. She started having seizures around 4 years ago. She could have up to around 7 seizures on a bad night and 2-3 other nights. She is  now being diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis.

Rasmussen Encephalitis (RE) is a rare, progressive, chronic encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) affecting one hemisphere (one side) of the brain. It occurs mainly in children (most cases are seen in six to seven-years-old children) but it can also be found in adolescents and adults. It has features of an autoimmune disease in which immune system cells enter the brain and cause damage.

RE is characterized by frequent and severe seizures, progressive loss of neurological functions including motor skills, speech, and eventual paralysis on one side of the body (hemiparesis), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), and mental deterioration.

You can read more about this condition here


At the end of this Summer (2019) Faith will have to undergo a surgery procedure called ‘Hemispherectomy’

Hemispherectomy is the removal of one half of the brain that can reduce or prevent  seizures.

The side effects from this procedure are irreversible loss of functions located in the affected hemisphere. Walking with a limp, losing sight in her eye, losing control basically of the one side of her body. Her speech may be affected and of course there are always other risks involved with any surgery.


As you can imagine this family are going through a tough time in their life!

We try and protect our children from everything that’s horrible but sometimes we just can’t and we have to just be there for them and love them.


So as you imagine this was a hard session but also very lovely to see the bond this family have!


Here are some of our shots from the session <3